Trade Master Business Solution, with its tagline "Your Total Business Solutions" is clearly in its direction. We are the specialist of comprehensive business solutions you need for an ideal office set-up.

We always believe, a comfortable workplace will contribute to a positive working atmosphere, and hence resulting in higher quality productivity. Our sales consultants focus on delivering value where Product, Knowledge & Technical Support are the key areas of concern. With more than 30 years of experience, we boasted a proud history of supporting all kinds of business through a highly diversified product range and efficient customer support platform. We are recognized for our consistent quality in designing and delivering innovative, practical business solutions that automate and enhance critical business functions. You can count on us in making new possibilities in your business. Beside office systems, Trade Master also specialise in planning and designing office layouts. We can make your office a better place to work, increase productivity while decreasing stress and fatique. Here at Trade Master, customers always come first. That's our policy. Essential products are stocked to meet customers' demands, new products are recommended to customers and periodical promotions are organised, all to the benefits of our customers. Should any customer require something out of the ordinary, we have our sourcing and technical support teams.